Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello everyone. I am Doctor Edmonton at Anchor Hospital. Here, we are taking care of the two people who previously operated this Blog of sorts. Jack Tyler, and Stephanie Rose. We are helping them with mental treatment. Jack was found recently in the suburbs of Atlanta near his parents house and Stephanie was found not too far away. Both made claims of being under attack by the "Slender Man"

This is not the first case we have had of extreme paranoia, and it probably will not be the last. You see Jack and Stephanie both became obsessed with "Slender Man." It was found they had several notebooks in each of their respective closets, devoted to him. Mostly, it spoke of him as a monster and killer. Sometimes though, they referred to him as though he were a god. There were also flip cameras, with an average of 30 videos on each. They showed Jack or Stephanie whispering odd things, then opening a curtain and saying, "There he is." Usually zooming in on a sidewalk or a tree.

When Jack or Stephanie have reached a certain level of sanity, they will be authorized to use this blog as an outlet. They seemed to have quite a following for a while, but died out after most realized it was imagination. Jack and Stephanie did run away though, but there was one problem with their stories if you were able to read them. For one, they never got to meet Sandra, Matt, and Lya. We questioned them and they seemed like relatively kind people, but they claimed that they never actually met with Jack Tyler or Stephanie. The second is most crucial.

Drew Tyler does not exist.

Drew Tyler was a figment of Jack's imagination. He was able to convince Stephanie to believe the same. Jack stopped going to school, spending his days at home. His parents tried to stop it, but he would have mad fits of rage and anger. Jack probably created Drew once that began. He does have an Aunt, but she just got married last year, and never had a son. Jack will often ask where Drew is, and when we tell him, he'll fly into a fit of rage.

Stephanie often just sits and holds Jack's arm. She doesn't move or speak a lot, and when she does, it's murmuring. We have attempted to hook up a recording device, but she always finds it, tears it off, and begins screaming. When we ask her what she is saying, she cries and holds Jack, who just sits there and does nothing.

We apologize if any of you believed Jack's tales, but remember he has serious psychological issues and did not know what he was doing. Jack and Stephanie's parents try to visit, but usually that sends their child into either a fit of rage, or a dormant state where they curl into the fetal position and don't say a word.

Recently, Jack has gotten slightly better and no longer needs to be strapped to his bed to sleep, but these two are marked as: HIGHLY UNSTABLE

When we can label them as just: UNSTABLE, we may allow them to post here. Until then, our deepest apologies.


The staff of Anchor Hospital